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I'm Sara, I'm 24 and I'm Italian ^w^ On this page you'll find many of my creations shaped with polymer clay. The subjects i love the most are pirates, mythology and classical literature. I love to always bring new ideas, things never seen before in an attempt to release my immagination! *o* I love the idea of "unique", that only one person could have a not reproducible creation, which is unique as the person who wears it! I am slowly beginning to work my idea of a website to start selling my creations even internationally! would be a great satisfaction!

sabato 27 agosto 2011

Kawaii Sports

ormai vedo faccine proprio su qualsiasi cosa ç_ç ♥ si prestavano davvero troppo come base per orecchini a lobo per la mia prossima fiera (Fumettopoli 24-25 settembre,Milano)!

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  1. I love your works and your blog! I'm sorry, I don't know Italian! Let's be blogspot friends! :D